UTactic SHM-1 Shooting Mat

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UTactic SHM-1 shooting mat is intended for shooting in lying position. It protects a shooter from cold and damp and makes shooting on solid uneven surface more convenient. Rough bipod stop keeps rifle firmly fixed.

Shooting mat can be also used as a sleeping mat.

Design Features:

  • Top: Cordura 1000D;
  • Bottom: PVC-coated fabric;
  • Main body and side wings thickness: 12 mm;
  • Front flap with bipod stop;
  • Removable side wings allow a shooter to work comfortably with two hands and to take off elements that are not in use;
  • MOLLE strap in the work area of mat allows attaching pouches with shooting accessories;
  • Removable carry handle;
  • Notepad case isn`t supplied.

Dimensions of the mat:

  • Unfolded Dimensions: 120 сm wide, 195 сm long;
  • Main body: 70 сm wide, 155 сm long;
  • Side wings: 25 сm wide, 60 сm long;
  • Front flap: 70 сm wide, 40 сm long;
  • Folded Dimensions: 72 сm wide, 30 сm long, 17 сm thick.
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