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Triple Aught Design Gemini Shirt Long Sleeve

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The men of NASA’s Engineering and Mission Control teams embody the spirit of exploration and adventure while remaining the quiet professionals of space exploration. Often working tirelessly through gruelling, seemingly impossible challenges, days without end, accepting nothing but perfection as they strive for precision under pressure. All for the betterment of mankind as we reach further into the stars and explore an unknown frontier.

Our Gemini Shirt demands that same passion for precision and is your aid in tackling those long days of endless challenges. Maintain your calm appearance of precise decision making and deliberate actions under the stress of immovable deadlines.

Performance on Demand

  • Built to excel across multiple environments, the Gemini Shirt is crafted from a technical blend of cotton and polyester. Besides wicking moisture away from your skin while resisting wrinkles and stains, this material drapes cleanly and helps conceal carried items. Lightweight, packable, and easy to care for, the Gemini Shirt is ideal for long term assignments.
Subtle Details
  • Two clean welt pockets on the chest and a hidden envelope pocket are perfect for small E&E items. The buttons are safely secured along bartacked webbing and include a slotted button that rotates onto the webbing for quick field repair.


  • Standard Fit
  • 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton
  • 3.6oz/ 122gm2
  • Sanded Finish
  • DWR Finish (Durable Water Repellent)
Collar Configuration
  • Two Piece Collar
Pocket Configuration
  • On seam chest pockets
Closure Mechanism
  • TAD Slotted Buttons affixed with Tubular Flat Lace
Hem Configuration
  • Straight Hem
  • Side Vents
Sewn in the USA
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