Discounts l.e./.mil/.gov -types and Osuva Range & Training Members

You qualify for a discount on all orders from Osuva Outfitters, if you fulfil any of the following criteria:

- A current member of Osuva Range & Training
- A serving member of the military. This also goes for kadets, peacekeepers and those poor souls who've been conscripted.
- Employees of any law-enforcement agency as wellas the rescue services (we like you guys as well!)
- Work in health care (valid during the Corona crisis)
- Members of the Helsinki Military Police Guild and the Finnish Sniper Guild

Unfortunately we cannot provide discounts for other reservist organisations. 

To get your discount, register as a customer here and send us an email at, and we'll add you to the relevant customer group and you'll be able to see your discounted prices by logging into our store. If you've already ordered from us, just send us an email. 

To prove you qualify for a discount you need to do the following: 

- Osuva Members: just let us know your full name
- l.e./.mil/.gov: an email from an official government address OR a pic of your official ID. Both are not needed. ID pics will be deleted immediately. If you feel uncomfortable with these, let us known and we'll sort something out. 
- Health care providers: An email from a company / organisation email address or some form of employer I.D. 
- Members of the Helsinki Military Police Guild and the Finnish Sniper Guild: Membership Card.